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Shareholder Protection

Protection against the unexpected

What is Shareholder Protection?

Shareholder Protection ensures that the shares of your company can stay in the ownership of fellow Directors should the worst happen to a shareholder.

The cover can ensure that adequate funds are available to buy the deceased's stake in the company whist the existing shareholders stay in control of the business.

Why choose Shareholder Protection?

If a shareholder were to die without having Shareholder Protection provisions in place, it would be most likely that their stake in the company would be passed to their estate. With no control over what happens after this the company could face many uncontrollable issues.

Shareholder Protection ensures that the remaining partners have the control and financial backing to buy the deceased's shares, providing the dependents a willing buyer with a cash purchase for the shares instead of them having shares and an interest in the company.

We're experts in advising Shareholder Protection and we work with many of the top insurers so you can be sure we'll find the right cover to protect your business.


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